This project is now on indefinite Hiatus

Hello friends,

The Ambulant Photographer is going on indefinite hiatus. I want to thank everybody who has joined the free community site and who has engaged with one another, shared excellent images, participated in assignments and contests and who have become friends in the corporeal world as well as the digital.

This community was conceived as an add-on feature to wrap around an online course. I began developing the community at the same time I began to outline and script the course. Then the pandemic hit. The Lost Year crawled slowly forward and I was never able to get the course produced. It’s all scripted and storyboarded, but the filming and editing of all of the modules will require far more time than I currently have at my disposal.

The pandemic has been a very busy period for my web development business, and that busy period shows no sign of ending. While this boom represents a great deal of professional opportunity the amount of personal energy that remains can either be put into building this community and giving it the attention it requires in order to grow into anything of value for its members, or that remaining energy can be put into pursuing my own photography projects. Sadly I cannot do both.

I will leave the website up until June 30, 2021 and you can login if you want to export any of your content under your profile settings.
The login link is here:

Meanwhile, follow me on Facebook or Instagram if you like. I’m begrudgingly back on both platforms now, though not terribly active. You can also find me on Telegram, which is the best way to reach me in real time.

For those of you in Southern California, I will continue running a monthly Meetup through summer of 2022 after which time I’ll be moving those Meetups to the Boston/NYC area.

Thanks for playing. I’m glad you came.

Happy shooting,



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