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Hanging with the Pelican – A study in “working” the shot

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Stupid bird kept moving his head! There were a lot of variables to keep track of. There was heavy wind and the woman’s hair was blowing all over the place. Also, the pelican was moving its head all over the place and when a pelican is looking sideways, you have a shot. When a pelican is looking away or directly at you its narrow head disappears into its neck and you lose your shot.

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The Ambulant Photographer – Venice Beach, CA – June 2017

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I love shooting in Santa Barbara. I truly do. And yet, there’s not a whole lot going on here outside of retail shopping and watersports. I’ve reached the point where my close friends are starting to make fun of me over my every growing — and very respectable — library of California Brown Pelican images. They’re great, but it does get old shooting in your backyard everyday. Once you’ve covered all of the landmarks and monuments you really do start to pine for something outside of the norm.

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Our One Day in Kraków

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This is the 8th post in a series chronicling my photography project through Spain, France, Poland, & Czech Republic. I particularly fell in love with Kraków when I first visited the city in 2001, freshly engaged to Pausha and abroad for the first time in my life. Where the subject of Poland was concerned I was fascinated, and still am.