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I’m Seeking Interesting Projects

Right. Here’s my thing.
I don’t do photography for a living. Like most art, there’s not a lot of money in photography unless you’re super famous already, or you’re hustling like crazy. I have a day gig and my money comes from that. I’m not necessarily looking to get real paid over here. Despite my “day job” my time is very flexible.

I make money selling prints and licensing images for web use, but even that’s just gravy. I make images because I love making images.I am always on the lookout for interesting collaborations with interesting people.

Are you up to something cool? Maybe you don’t have a huge budget? Doesn’t matter. Check out the FAQ section and then hit the contact form if you think there might be a fit and you want to explore a possible collaboration.


Reportage. Environmental portraiture. Narrative, stories.

I’m interested in working on projects that are a bit edgy and maybe take some risks. Additionally, I look for work that inspires me, either artistically or socially.

No weddings or engagement shoots. I don’t want to shoot your kids and I don’t want to do your company’s headshots, unless your company is interested in presenting itself in an interesting and fun way that’s different than what everyone else is doing.

I used to shoot corporate headshots, largely inside of my work with my web strategy business. What I have come to find is that corporate headshot gigs are generally boring and very much not worth the money. Talk about a grind. I am not interested in Photoshopping age lines off of people’s faces and retouching images to make people appear 20 years younger. There are people who (for some reason) have decided to do that sort of thing for a living, and I wish them well.

We both do. With collaborations I want to be able to publish our work on my site, in books that I may choose to release, and I don’t want to be encumbered by copyright issues should I elect to leverage our work in some way. This is part of what makes this a collaborative exercise.

In a work-for-hire scenario, you would end up with full copyright ownership and I would be fairly compensated for giving up my rights. I no longer do work-for-hire with one exception: I will consider a work-for-hire engagement if the project is compelling enough and/or has potential for providing the sort of social impact that inspires my charitable side. Note that I’m not talking about money here; I’m talking about passion and inspiration.

There is a collection of portfolios in the navigation menu. You can also visit the print collections.
I don’t have rates. Every project is unique and every bid is unique. In most cases I start by ensuring that travel and material expenses are covered, including making sure that any on-set assistants get paid for their time. Beyond that, I evaluate the overall value that any prospective project carries for me and I bill accordingly.

I do this for the love of art, and in most cases I’ll give you a sweetheart deal; if the project is interesting to me.

No. I’ll provide JPGS and high-quality TIFF files for print and publishing purposes, but you don’t get the raw files. Those are mine.

Raw files represent unedited (well, raw) data taken directly from the camera’s image sensors. If I give you the raw files I can’t control the overall look and feel of the resulting images.

Inside of an equal-ownership collaboration we work together to shape the project’s impact and voice.

Enough about me, tell me about you.