Santa Monica Pier + Beach Photowalk

Santa Monica Pier + Beach Photowalk Time: 12:30pm – 3pm Theme: Location AS Subject Cost: FREE Limit: 10 people Recommended Parking: Lot 2 South. Note that this lot requires you remove your car before sunset. Meet: At tables behind Santa Monica Pier Carousel Bring: A tripod (optional). An ND filter if you’ve got one.

Location AS Subject

What does that even mean? I was recently working in Rome, on Easter Sunday. The Vatican was absolutely overwhelmed with tourists and as a location was very difficult to shoot. The question came: how can I tell the story of St. Peter’s Basilica and Piazza San Pietro despite the unavoidable bustle of people? Many answers came back in response to that question, and one that I (personally) want to explore this Saturday involves a tripod and a 3-stop ND filter. As you all know, the Santa Monica Pier is overrun with tourists, especially on Saturdays — which is the very point of a tourist attraction. My goal during this photo session is to find the best vantage points around which to build a composition, shoot from a tripod with long exposure settings in order to blur out motion while keeping the background/setting in sharp focus. In this way, I might tell a stronger story of the location without putting undue focus on the tourists shuffling through my frame. I will be working all over and under the Pier, along Chess Park and the old Muscle Beach, Aerial Rings, etc. I will then drive from Santa Monica to Venice Beach to save time and reduce having to walk back through a dead zone later.Please RSVP on Meetup:


May 18 2019


12:30 pm - 3:00 pm



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Santa Monica Pier


Santa Monica Pier
Chris Foley


Chris Foley
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