Afternoon Photowalk at Venice Beach Boardwalk

Afternoon Photowalk at Venice Beach Boardwalk Time: 3:30pm – 6pm Theme: Location AS Subject Cost: FREE Limit: 10 people Recommended Parking: Lot 5 South. Between Dorothy Green Park and South Beach Park Playground. Note that this lot requires you remove your car before sunset. Meet: Outside Venice Ale House on Rose Ave. We’re going to do something a little bit different for the next series of Ambulant Photowalks. I’m going to break a full day Los Angeles visit into 3 separate activities/locations, and limit each group to 10 people. We’re also going to do a little more shooting and a little bit less walking, with a focus on finding as many photographable moments as possible in a single location before moving on. (I think that I’ve been a bit to eager to move onto the next location, a habit which has negatively impacted my own work.) There are THREE photo walks scheduled for this day. As many of you know I make a day of it when I come down to LA and so I’ll be here for a good 8-10 hours. You’re welcome to join me for as few or as many of these three sessions as you’d like, though I will be limiting each session to 10 people.

Location AS Subject

What does that even mean? I was recently working in Rome, on Easter Sunday. The Vatican was absolutely overwhelmed with tourists and as a location was very difficult to shoot. The question came: how can I tell the story of St. Peter’s Basilica and Piazza San Pietro despite the unavoidable bustle of people? Many answers came back in response to that question, and one that I (personally) want to explore this Saturday involves a tripod and a 3-stop ND filter. As you all know, the Venice Beach Boardwalk is also overrun with tourists, especially on Saturdays, which is the very point of a tourist attraction (though the locals certainly bristle at seeing their town having become a tourist attraction.) My goal during this photo session is to find the best vantage points around which to build a composition, shoot from a tripod with long exposure settings in order to blur out motion while keeping the background/setting in sharp focus. In this way, I might tell a stronger story of the location without putting undue focus on the tourists shuffling through my frame. Our playground will run from Rose Ave to South Venice Boulevard. Attractions will include The Venice Beach Boardwalk, Skate Park, Possibly a drum circle. Event officially ends at 6pm, though you’re welcome to join me for Dinner at Tocaya Organica from 6pm – 7pm for an unstructured photography discussion. Please RSVP on Meetup:


May 18 2019


3:30 pm - 6:00 pm



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Chris Foley


Chris Foley
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