Narrative Photography

Narrative photography is the idea that photographs can be used to tell a story. The first challenge I present myself with every time I shoot is to see just how much story I can tell within the frame of a single image. The second challenge I impose upon myself is to leave enough space in each photo for the viewer to finish the story themselves. In essence, I prefer to hint at the narrative. Look where I point instead of at the finger that points.

“Finding cause for wonder wherever one goes…”Robert Doisneau

Fun with Balloon Animals

Electric Shuttle Service

Waking up to Triangles – and my Muse

Preshow Huddle on the TEDx Stage

Running for the beach

A Waitress, Reflected

Hey, got some bread?

Just Waking Up

Good Luck! I’ll take it.

Yup, he did.

SB Barbers – Ortega Street – Santa Barbara

Good to the last drop – Café love

Stand by me, when I’m not strong

Fireworks at the Wharf

The Tree Shall Never Forget

Texas Street at Dusk

Sofa in the Pines

Hope. The Dove of Auschwitz

Comfort in the Knowledge

Modern Talking