Portrait Photography

Leonard Cohen famously crooned in his song Famous Blue Raincoat, “I hope you’re keeping some kind of record.” A portrait is a record. Proof that we were here at this moment in this place. A good portrait transcends record-keeping, however, reveals secrets sometimes unknown to even the subject. The process of shooting portraits is for me a very meditative act wherein collaboration creates something much bigger and more intimate than simply shooting a person’s visage. I won’t go into talk about capturing the soul or whatever, but it’s something like that.

“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them. Anyone I know I photograph.”Annie Leibovitz

A more dapper man you’ve never met

Pausha dressed as one of her paintings

Pausha At Her Pertch

Pausha standing in for light tests

Kim Fauskee Portrait

Kim Fauskee at the Narrative Loft

Street Portrait

Police on bikes getting coffee

Police on bikes getting coffee

Sunlight herself in a yellow dress

Couple just walking through

Chef Zak – 3 flash setup in the kitchen

Mark in natural light. Accidental portrait.

Jen and Zoë need refills

Zoë Has Arrived

Jewelry Shoot

Ceret kids strike a pose

Tyler Suchman

Simon the Maltese

Beneflex SB Team Shot

Portrait for website