Street Photography

“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”Diane Arbus

Tripping the Tenderloin

Two Friends out Shopping

Life, Reflected

Catching what’s fleeting

New York Film Academy

Arts et Metiers Metro Station

Princess & the King

Dance Like Nobody’s Looking

Festival de Sardane

The Angel in the Tunnel

At the Market

Packing up as the sun sets

The Youth of the Fountain

No Teddy Bear left behind

Streets of light and shadow

Dobrou chut — Enjoy meal!

Everybody’s looking at something

I’m looking at you.

Caught out in the rain

Yorkie on a train

Breakfast at Bar Central

Watching the Wheels

Dining, Reflected

These kids got style

Lovers on the street

A Change Encounter

The dumpster giveth, the city taketh away

JC Loves you

Chillin’ at Union Square

Oh no you didn’t!

San Francisco City Hall lit purple in memory of Prince’s Death

Portra400 shot at ASA 200

Clownin’ on the Pier

Just Passing Through

Night Stalking

Cruising the Bike Path

Absorbed – Urban Chess match

Young Love

Just Excited to Be Here – Also, Superhero.

Here’s Pointing at You